3 Pillars of An Attractive Man

They have nothing to do with looks, money, and status!

Looks are overrated.

I’ve seen Male Models struggle with getting a girl, and I have seen men without looks having options to choose from.

Now, looks are still important but it’s not the most attractive quality of a man.

An attractive man consists of 3 Pillars:

Confidence. Purpose. Joy.

Let me explain:

1. He’s comfortable in his own skin

A man who is comfortable with who he is - is attractive. People gravitate to those men.

These men are not easily offended; they know who they are, and they know their abilities.

These men are relaxed and calm.

These men don’t wish to be someone else; they developed a healthy relationship with themselves.

How do you become that man?

As a man, the best way to get there is through integrity.

Integrity is to do what you say you’ll do. That’ll build confidence and trust in yourself.

A man who’s not disciplined cannot be comfortable in his own skin.

The more integrity you build, the more comfortable you’ll be in your own skin and the more attractive you’ll be.

2. He knows where he’s going

A man who is attractive is a man with direction.

Somebody who has purpose and drive. People can feel that there’s no way he’ll go off track.

People are drawn to people who have a clear vision. It’s not so much the money and possessions people are attracted to.

A man can be broke but highly attractive - because he is confident and has a purpose. That’s what people care about.

How do you become that man?

You need to find your purpose.

And remember: Purpose is feminine. It doesn’t like to pursue, it likes to be pursued.

You find your purpose by experimenting, traveling, getting out of your comfort zone, and keeping your eyes open.

You need to try out new stuff. You need to go out there and live.

And I guarantee you: You’ll find your purpose.

3. He has fun while going there

A man with joy is an attractive man.

A man who can smile when life is tough, who has faith in himself, who is optimistic.

You want to be the man who has fun while living out his purpose. Somebody who lives life like a game.

How do you become that man?


An attractive man has a spiritual dimension.

Spirituality will instill faith in you and make it easier for you to deal with stress.

Spirituality relieves pressure, and as a result, you feel lighter and more joyful because you have trust.

Final Words

Confidence. Purpose. Joy.

That’s what you need to be an attractive man.

It’s not money and looks. Of course, they help, but you can be attractive without them.

Focus on these 3 Pillars, and you’ll live a life worth living. It’ll be a life full of adventure.

Much love,